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It is one thing to see a child getting sick, but another to see them go through something as traumatizing and scary as cancer. The pain and trauma associated with childhood cancer is a lot more grave than anybody could ever imagine. But when the little ones emerge victorious, joy and freedom is totally unmatchable.

A 4-month-old baby is the internet’s newest warrior after a video of her ringing the bell, with the news of being diagnosed cancer-free went viral on the internet. The video made a lot of people emotional and stressed on the fact that when a child gets sick, it is the entire family that suffers.

Lillian’s brave journey
For the family, the trauma started from Day 1. Lillian was born a healthy baby on September 5 last year. The parents joy, however, was shortlived. One of the nurses noticed that the baby was not moving her limbs and that is when fear set it. Soon enough, doctors and nurses rushed in and an MRI report revealed that there was an ominous spot in her brain stem. Further diagnosis revealed that at birth, Lillian was suffering from stage 3/4 Glioma brain tumour.

While the family was distraught, Lillian was immediately rushed for special treatment. The tumour later advanced and spread down to her spinal cord, affecting her limbs and movements.

In the first three months, Lillian underwent rigorous treatment (including targeted surgery and chemotherapy). In November, the tumour was removed and on January 25, at almost 5 months of age, the little girl was declared cancer-free. And when that special moment came, Lillian rang the bell at the hospital with the help of her parents, which can be seen in the video.

While it was a very emotional and personal achievement for the family, the parents shared the video on social media to thank all those who helped them along the way.

Sharing the same, the mom wrote on Facebook:
“We are so thankful for everything you guys have done,” Borden said to hospital staff in the video. “We would have lost everything in this journey and you guys are incredible.”

In a later interaction, Lillian’s mom also opened up about the mom-guilt she underwent when she learned of her baby’s trauma.

“I was devastated. I think maybe as a woman, as the mom, because you’re the one carrying the kid, you feel a lot of guilt. You’re like, ‘What did I do to cause this?’ And for (the doctors) to look at you and say, ‘It’s just bad luck,’ I think that devastates me even more because you can’t even blame yourself.”

While she hopes that her daughter grows up healthy and enjoys a normal childhood, she wanted to share Lillian’s journey to the public to spread the message of hope.

“I hope that (Lily) shares her story, to let people know that there is hope,” she said. “I hope she inspires other people to keep fighting the good fight and to not give up.”

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