Ramco Systems to provide facial attendance systems with temperature recording

PUNE: The Ramco Innovation Lab in Singapore on Wednesday unveiled an advanced facial recognition based time and attendance system embedded with temperature recording and IoT sensor doors to enable organizations to move towards a contact-free attendance system in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The company already offers facial recognition-based attendance systems and said that the new system would come embedded with a thermal scanner. The system could be set up such that the door would not open if the temperature recorded was over a certain degree.

“This system would be useful to anyone with a very large workforce, or where one person being infected could result in serious loss of productivity for the firm,” said Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems.

The company has been using this system internally for the past week and will start offering it to customers now. However, Aggarwal said that the company was constrained by the shortage of thermal scanners in the market and would be able to scale this up only as more units become available.

The company also launched a trace and track system which, with the person’s permission, could read his outlook calendar, credit card spend data and shared vehicle trip details to identify contact patterns to determine if they had come in contact with a positive Covid-19 case.

This could also be used for reverse tracing, said Aggarwal, like alerting people at a restaurant where the person may have dined earlier, based on bills raised. Headquartered in Chennai, Ramco Systems is a global enterprise software specialist with a strong focus on using technology for improved HR practices.

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