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If you are looking out for easy exercises that can strengthen your core muscles, then you are at the right place. These simple exercises can be easily done at your home and all you need for this is a mat. Here is Sumaya Dalmia, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, who will demonstrate how to do these core strengthening exercises for maximum benefit.

Remember: For all the exercises, you must begin by tightening your core muscles. Use a yoga mat or some padded floor to avoid back injuries.

Isometric core hold
To do this exercise, lie down flat on the ground and draw your navel deep towards the spine. Now squeeze in and out. Slowly raise your legs together and press your hands against your knees while doing this exercise make sure your back is flat on the ground and there is no gap in-between. Hold the position for five seconds and repeat 5 sets of the same.

Double-leg raise

For this exercise, raise both your legs while lying flat on the ground. Both your arms should be on your sides and palms should be placed downwards. Now bring your legs up and make a 90-degree angle with them. Slowly move your legs downwards but don’t touch the ground. From here, again bring your legs upwards and then take them down. Repeat this exercise 7-10 times.

You can also do single leg raises or alternate leg raises for some variation in the workout.


For this exercise, lie down flat on the ground and draw your navel towards the spine. Put your hands on either side by making a straight line with your shoulders. Now lift both your legs and move them very slowly from left to right. The movement should be similar to a pendulum but should be very slow. Make sure you do not move your waist and do not touch the ground with your feet. Repeat this exercise 7-10 times.


Known as the mother of all core exercises, plank might look easy but is very challenging to do. To begin with put your elbows on the mat and keep your legs straight towards the back. Make sure your shoulders are directly above your palms. Lift your body in a nice tabletop position. Make sure your back is straight and not too low or too high. Try holding the pose for 5-10 seconds and then relax. With more practice you can increase the duration of the exercise. The day you start holding it for one minute, you will know that you have a strong core.

Side plank

Begin by lying sideways on the mat with the help of your elbow. Put your legs out in front of you. Your body should be in a straight line with your stomach tucked in. The elbow placed on the ground should be directly underneath your shoulders. Raise the other hand upwards. Keep breathing normally and hold the pose for 5 to 10 seconds.

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