Home STATES BANGALORE Civic group to feed biriyani to 15k migrants on Eid in Bengaluru | Bengaluru News – Times of India

Civic group to feed biriyani to 15k migrants on Eid in Bengaluru | Bengaluru News – Times of India

Civic group to feed biriyani to 15k migrants on Eid in Bengaluru | Bengaluru News – Times of India


A food distribution drive done earlier by Bengaluru for Migrant Workers.

BENGALURU: Bengaluru for Migrant Workers, a group formed to help migrants in the city, is all set to feed biriyani to 15,000 migrant workers and other needy people on the day of Eid.
With a motto “No one stays hungry on Eid,” the group is crowd-funding for the distribution drive around Hegdenagar slums, Kothanur, Whitefield, DJ Halli and other migrant workers’ colonies.
Founded by Fahad Khalid, 32, his brother, Saqib Idress, 25, and a businessperson Khalil ur Rahman, the group has been involved in various relief activities all through the lockdown period. “We have distributed ration kits, cooked meals, sanitary products and almost everything that the migrant workers and other people needed,” Fahad told TOI. Fahad, who is a vice-president at an investment bank in the city, initially self-funded the relief work. Later on, it was funded by family members and the immediate circle of the founders as well as the volunteers.
After this, the group decided to do something to make the Eid day special for the migrant workers as well. “We did not anyone to have a bad memory of this Eid. So, we came up with this massive project to serve chicken biriyani to almost 15,000 migrant workers across the city,” Fahad says.
The group is now all ready with the needed material and funds for the Eid Drive. They have collected almost Rs 12 lakhs and were able to manage to find a spot in Palace grounds to prepare the meals. Saqib said that each plate of Biriyani costs Rs 120. “From our long relief work we have realised that majority of the people are non-vegetarian and would love to have it. But we will also have some vegetable biriyani packets handy in case someone asks for it,” he says.
Fahad adds that they are using quality raw material for the biriyani. “We asked our parents what rice, masalas and type of meat we use for home. We then requested our chef to use the same things. We want the experience on Eid for all of them memorable,” Fahad says.
The group is working with hundreds of local volunteers, students and even cops for help and support in their drive.
Teresa Braggs, a student volunteer helped the group to spread the word about the drive. She also volunteered with the Civil Defence Force for relief work during the lockdown and said people asked her why was biriyani priced at Rs 120 when one could get the basic version of the dish for Rs 60-80. “There were many who were more than happy to help, however, some also asked about why the extravagance. I had to explain that this was the best we were able to do without compromising on the quality and quantity of the meal. It struck me that some can accept the deprived being happy, but poorly happy,” she says.


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